USA is not America

Even when we stated on our home page that this site is not about demonyms, because of popular demand, we are forced to clarify on this issue.

What is Demonyms?

A demonym is a name given to natives or residents of a certain or specific place. The term gentilic was used previously but is now uncommon.

A demonym is usually, but not always, derived from the name of a place.

So what about the people from the United States?

It's wide known that many people use the term American to refer to the people from the United States of America, hence overlapping the demonyms of the inhabitants of the continent of America (remember that America is one whole continent with three sub continents) with the inhabitants of the country.

So many scholars have proposed the use of many terms to solve this misuse: US American and Unitedstatesian and USian among others.

We strongly believe that US American is a fair demonym for the people of the United States of America; fair for them and fair for the continent inhabitants.

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I find Bundesrepublikan a fair demonym for the so wrongly named germans. There are germans outside of it. I mean, not all germans are Bundesrepublikans. What about that jolly Austrian chap? Land of the Germans, how offensive when there are germans just across the border not a part of this ‘germany.’ Yes, Bundesrepublikan german is much more accurate. I think it is fair for them and fair for the continent inhabitants of other germans.

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

“Bundesrepublikan” is not a real word or demonym. What you said, is not a thing and can only be known as a prank or a joke.


Why not use Eurasiafican instead of European, Asian, African? Makes about as much sense if not more so. Talk about arbitrary lines, look no further than the eurasian border. At least there is a more clear marker in the Americas than even the Sinai-Suez.


No, it does not, you ignorant piece of *****

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

Eurasiafrica is not how you spell Europe, Asia and Africa in one word if you are referring to all 3 of them as a single continent.

Europe + Asia + Africa = Eurafrasia (aka Afro-Eurasia)!!!

Europeans and Asians ARE all Eurasians. If there exists “The Eurasian Olympic Games” similarly to the American Olympic Games, then the Eurasian Olympic Games is obviously the short version of referring to “The European and Asian Olympic Games”!!

… to be continued!

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

… continued from previous.

Europeans, Asians and Africans ARE ALL Eurafrasians (or Afro-Eurasians) being as their continents are all a part of the Old World known as Eurafrasia (or Afro-Eurasia)!!!

Now to answer your question “Why not use Eurafrasian instead of European, Asian and African?” … well, in my opinion - "Europeans, Asians and Africans" is considered to be the long version while "Eurafrasians" is just the short version! Thus, all 3 Continent Demonyms form the Old World Demonym “Eurafrasians” and it refers to all residents of the Old World whenever I’m talking about all 3 Continents at the same time!!!

It makes about as much (total) sense - if not more so! :)


"American" is a demonym for continent, same as European, African and Asian. Italians and French are European. Argentines and Brazilians are American.

Jayden Hill(United States)says...

Kenyans and Ethiopians are African.

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

Hi German (from Germany) and Jayden Hill (from United States)!

I like both of your comments but I would like to have both of them be a part of a better comment ...

"American" is a demonym for the 1 or 2 continent(s) that contain(s) the word "America" in its/their name(s) ... in the same way as European, African, Asian and Oceanian is a demonym for continent.

Italians and French are European!

Argentines and Brazilians are American!

Kenyans and Ethiopians are African!

Chinese and Japanese are Asian!

Australians and New Zealanders are Oceanian!

Jayden Hill(United States)says...

Just call us Usonians.

Adam(United States)says...

From some of the text on this website, it looks like English is not your first language. That's fine if it isn't but as such, it makes me wonder if you're trying to change the English language to fit something it didn't when you learned the language. For example, when I learned Spanish, I had to accept that "americano" didn't refer to my nationality. I was fine with that, and I adapted. How ridiculous would it be for me to go around correcting the 600 million people that spoke the language before me?

In the same way, I think that learners of English should adapt when they speak English. Don't expect the hundreds of millions of speakers that spoke before you to adapt just to fit your preference.


According to Oxfords dictionary, American is the demonym of the people of Americas

Adam(United States)says...

The same dictionary lists another definition that defines American as a demonym of people of the United States. That's my point: there are two definitions for the same word. That happens all the time in linguistics, and my point in my comment above is that it's ridiculous to try and change that. "American" refers to both someone that lives on one of the two continents named America, as well as someone who lives in the only country with the word "America" in its name: the United States of America.

BRIAN GRAHAM(United States)says...

If i can identify as a he/she she/he shemale trans tranny whatever....then why can't i identify with being rom America?

Holly Ross(United States)says...

Perfect explanation, Adam. Thanks.


Two meanings for a word huh? Really isn't the case of discriminant use of a word? TO MAKE YOUR ***** COUNTRY LOOKS BIGGER PERHAPS????



We write in English so that monolingual idiots can read our posts.

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

From (not just some … but) ALL of the text on this website, it looks like English IS their first language. That's good news that it is … and as such, it makes me wonder if you're trying to have the English language (concerning America/American) stay out of sync with the other places of the world that contain the words … North(ern), East(ern), South(ern), West(ern), Central, Anglo, Latin and Middle … in front of other names to undo something that made common sense when you learned logic works in every language. For example, East Europe, South Europe, West Europe and North Europe are all different sections of Europe! You can call them “the Europes” if you want but all of “the Europes” together form their real name Europe (the singular). In fact … the Europes, the Asias and the Africas are 4 - 5 regions forming each of their own singular names Europe, Asia and Africa. In the same way, the Americas are 2 continents forming their singular name America!

… to be continued!

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

… continued from previous.

How ridiculous would it be for USA people just to (1)steal the same name America that belongs to 2 continents and (2)claim the same demonym American(s) all to themselves for their own nationality when of course it is the identity of 2 continents?

I think that learners of English should adapt to simple logic and use common sense when they speak English … letting other English speakers know that it is INCORRECT to have the same name of place for 2 different words in the world - (these words include Continent - Region - Country - Province - State - City - Area) - but can be the name for 1 set of 2 or more! For example, America cannot be the name for both 1 continent and 1 country at the same time - but it can be the name for 1 continent or 1 set of continents only.

Don't expect the hundreds of millions of speakers that know proper English (such as Latin Americans) to adapt just to fit USA’s preference.

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Let the world know that USA should not be called America! America is one whole continent.